Symphony II

In the Symphony II, we take the 300B tube into previously uncharted territory. Uncolored spacious views are complemented by impactful bass – uncharacteristically so for a 300B – in a 10 Wpc design that is comfortable with all kinds of music.

Key to the Symphony II sound is the broad dynamics that only our signature hand-wound split-core transformer can deliver from this sonically accurate, but typically mid-range focused tube.

Legendary for its bell-like chime and higher order harmonics, the 300B has been an audiophile favorite for years.

In the Symphony II, we believe you’ll reveal in this tube’s new-found ability to process and place a wide range of music naturally, as well as breathing an extraordinary degree of nuance into vocals.

We invite you to audition the Symphony II with your nearest ArtAudio representative.


- Zero feedback design, hi-peak current delivery
- Automatic biasing circuit per each channel
- Mk II iteration upgraded to take any 300B extant (shipped standard with Sophia Audio 300B, will accept brand-new KR Audio 300B, Western Electric, Valve Art 300B or other substitutes)
- Dual-mono design on a single chassis
- High-quality mil-spec, multi-layered 2-oz. copper trace circuit boards
- Employs a tube rectifier choke-regulated power supply preceded by a pi filter
- Capacitors are low ESR/ESL types for increased high frequency performance
- Resistors are 1% metal oxide for low noise
- Output transformers are a novel split-core type not normally associated with single-ended designs and custom-designed by Art Audio to give a wider bandwidth than most transformers generally available
- Tube sockets are ceramic with silver-plated pins
- Standard finished with polished non-magnetic stainless steel chassis and chrome or gold accents, (optional satin-black finish with chrome/gold-plated accents available for $500 less )



Single-ended triode pure Class A stereo amplifier
Output Power: 10 wpc
Input Sensitivity:  400mV
Input Impedance:  220K ohms
Output Impedance:  8 ohms (4 and 8 ohms optional)
Frequency Response:  20Hz to 20kHz ± 0,5 dB
Tube Complement:  2 x 6922, 2 x 12BH7, 2 x GZ37/GZ34, 2 x 300B
Dimensions:  18.125" x 13.5" x 4" [ W x D x H ]
Weight: 65 lbs.