Experience Two


The Experience Two is yet another integrated stereo Single Ended amplifier in the Experience series. Its design and topology make a natural progression following the very successful Experience One amplifier. No-compromise power supply and output transformers wound on Double-C cores characterize the Experience Two as another definitive audiophile product.


Remaining faithful to the concepts of no global  negative feedback and direct-heated triodes the amplifier outputs 8 W per channel. In this power range, the 300B is the leading vacuum tube.

Tube rectification is still an important part of the high-purity concept - direct heated 5U4G rectifier operates in optimum regime. Double-C core wound filter choke accompanies 300VA power toroid, Alps volume control, Mundorf capacitors and 6SN7 triodes to complete the list of ingredients that place The Experience Two at the very top of the worldwide audio scene.

Increased output power of 8 W per channel opens a possibility of using less efficient speakers (92dB or more) while still preserving recognizable sound of a Single Ended triode amplifier.

Retro look of The Experience Two amplifier emphasizes visual harmony between metal and wood.

Simple and elegant design and minimum of very high quality parts preserve primal qualities of reproduced sound and bring new dimensions to music listening.

See for yourself!


Output power:     2x8W
Class of operation:     Single- Ended (class A)
Tubes complement:     2x 300b JJ , 2x 6SN7 , 1x 5U4G
Inputs:     CD, Tuner , Aux
Outputs:     4 i 8 oma
Input sensitivity:     0.5Vrms
THD %:     0.55% - 1W, 5% - 8W
Frequency bandwidth:     10Hz-45KHz( -3dB)
S/N Ratio:     75dB
Input inpedance:     100K
Power consuption:     190VA
Input voltage:     230V/50Hz( 100-120-220-240V available on request)
Size:     430x290x165mm
Weight:     18kg