Experience Head One

Wzmacniacz słuchawkowy

Dane Techniczne:
Impedancja wyjściowa: 30-100-300 omów
Wyjścia: liniowe
Wejścia: CD , AUX
Zastosowane lampy: 2x 6S45P, 1x EZ81
Czułość: 1Vrms
Impedancja wejściowa: 47K
Moc wyjściowa: 300mW
Wskaźnik S/N: 80dB
Zakres częst.: 20Hz(-3dB) - 57KHz(-3dB)

Opinie użytkowników w UK:

It has been a long time since this amp was in the picture and I don't seem to be able to find the old thread any more so I made a new one.
I promissed some people a more comprehensive review of the Trafomatic Experience Head One headphone amp a couple of months ago.
It took a lot of effort (and some help from monvmentvm) to get it here from Servia, but I finally got it two months ago.
It looks absolutely stunning, so I'll start with some pictures to get you going.

the pictures don't do it any justice. It looks and feels absolutely beautiful.

To get to my sound impressions I had to do some preliminary burn-in.
A LOT it turned out.
At first I was not over enthousiastic: too massive, boomy bass, a bit grainy, very forward, but I decided to give it some time.

Am I glad I did.
After 100 hours it was already a different amp: much better detail, better controled bass. Still very massive and forward though.
I was happy. Good amp.

Then I did some more burn-in and it got better and better.....
Differences were not night-and-day, but considerable:
More detail, especially in the midrange.
Much better control and detail in the bass.
More extension in the highs.
More clarity overall.

Main characteristics:
Forward: it packs a massive punch.
Powerfull: sound is full bodied and massive.

After about 500 hours it stopped changing, at least I didn't detect any change any more.

I mainly compared it with Corda Prehead and X-CAN v8 and used my computer as source (JOB 48 NOS DAC) and a couple of thousand different albums of all genres.
I also compared it with the Earmax Pro, but only for use with the HD650.

Long story short: after 500 hours it beat them all, for all phones I plugged in.

Just a few of my checkpoints:

Does it do the JVC DX100 well?
Very important: the DX1000 are my favourite phones.
It does. It controls the bass as well as the Cord Prehead, (which was my main reason for keeping the Prehead, which is very dry and deadly neutral) and still pumps a lot more life in these phones than the Prehead.

Does it do the K340 well?
You bet. The X-CAN v8 does this really well, but the Head One gives them more body.

Is it as good as the Earmax Pro with the HD650? Yes. Not better though, but everything as good. Senns can rock like you wouldn't believe.....
I haven't used my balanced HD650 and my RPX-100 in quite a while any more.

At first it was not the best combination, but in the end they matched wonderfully. The forwardness of this amp is perfect for the midrange of the GS1000. Bass is full but controlled. Highs are clear and detailed, but never harsh.

Voices never sounded better.

Kenwood KH-K1000?
At first: too dark and wooly bass. In the end: perfect (but I like full and dark sound signature better than light and airy). I never seem to be able to take these phones off.....

Conclusion for me: This amp is a winner. If you like your music full bodied, and with lots of impact in every sense of the word: this is the perfect amp.

I did a lot of listening and comparing, but I didn't write it all down. If you have any special requests, just ask away, I'll try to oblige whenever I can.