Vinyl One

The Vinyl One phono stage does so many things right. It has a very engaging, warm personality, with great drive and power. This is not a wimpy phono stage. It also is a lot of fun to listen to my vinyl again through this unit. It also has very good inner resolution and detail but just a smidgeon less than some other "more analytical" sounding phono stages. For me, it had enough, although at times I wished for more resolution and detail, as I can love it all. Yes, I want it all, dammit! Again, you can improve this area by using different power cords and cables, as well as switching from the "a" to "b" outputs. I wonder if a better internal hook-up wire and better connectors were used whether it would constitute in a more resolving phono stage. For example, using Jena Labs "ultra" pure copper hook-up wire and perhaps Cardas connectors along with the elimination or improvement of the MM-MC toggle switch. If these changes were sonically worthwhile, and my experience states emphatically that is would, perhaps a "Signature" model would be available or maybe you can order this unit with some of these options as Joe Fratus is quite wiling to offer "lots of options" as he says. This would be very enlightening.

The last thing I want to say is that the Vinyl One's greatest strength, among a lot of strengths mind you, is that it does such a great job at blending musicality, resolution, dynamics, and emotional involvement. This unit is so well balanced. No question about it, this is a world-class phono stage.