Moderne 10


The top of the range Moderne 10. For the 10 we decided to move to a 3 way design, this is a fantastic speaker, almost full range, the 10 inch bass unit is dedicated to lower midbass and below, you won’t believe how low this speaker can go. It’s tight too, and very fast, allowing you to easily follow intricate basslines, and having the slam to rearrange your insides if you so wish.

The 5 inch midrange comes sealed within it’s own enclosure and adds depth and delicacy to the midrange, voices are holographic, on handing over to the 27mm Soft Dome tweeter the top to bottom coherency of the 10 is breathtaking and not usually found at this price.

Hear your music as it was meant to sound, the Moderne 10 makes your music sound real, forget hearing what’s in the recording, and start enjoying the performance.
Zobacz polska recenzję tych kolumn.

Dane techniczne:
Typ kolumny            3-drożna, bas-refleks 
Przetworniki             bas: 260 mm oraz średnica: 150mm - powlekany papier, góra – 27 mm, materiał
Zwrotnica                 2./3. rzędu
Punkt podziału          350 Hz i 2800 Hz
Pasmo przenoszenia  28 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 2 dB
Skuteczność              90 dB/1 W/1 m
Impedancja               8 Ω
Min. moc
wzmacniacza:           8 W
Wymiary (HxDxW)    1030 x 360 x 315 mm 
Waga                       50 kg (sztuka)