Experience One

Experience One

The Experience One is the first product in the Experience series. The Experience series is a result of many years of developing output transformers for tube amplifiers. It is one of the finest products in its class. Single Ended topology, no-negative feedback, Double-C core output transformers and top-notch power supply are just some of the ambitious specifications that Trafomatic Audio established as a de-facto standard for their amplifiers. With its design and sound quality the Experience One will represent an easily recognizable style. It will bring a new dimension to your listening pleasures.

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Balanced wood and metal elements give the Experience One very attractive appearance with dominant retro look, positioning the whole Experience series at the top of the world class products.

High quality output transformers built around Double-C geometry and 220VA toroidal output transformer dominate the top plate of the amplifier. Oversized filter chokes inside underline quality construction throughout the unit. Vacuum tube rectifiers go without mentioning: direct heated rectifier 5U4G occupies central position in the tube lineup. Driver tubes are ECC81 coupled to the output stage via Mundorf capacitors. Power stage consists of two 2A3-40 tubes (one per channel), new, high quality product from JJ factory. This specific variety has been chosen for increased dissipation capability and better musicality due to reduced third harmonic distortion.

Output power is 4W, therefore higher sensitivity speakers are recommended (95dB or higher). Gold plated robust input and output terminals are standard on every Experience One amplifier.

The amplifier is available for every input voltage option (100-120-220-230-240Vac) and is equipped with standard IEC connector.

Gold plated knobs and feet make the amplifier shine even after long time in regular use.

ALPS volume control, Mundorf coupling capacitors, high reliability Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors and other quality parts ensure that sound quality is maintained throughout the amplifier's life.

Output power:     2 x 4W
Class of operation:     Sigle-Ended (class A)
Tubes complement:     2x 2A3-40 JJ , 2x ECC 81 , 1x 5U4G
Inputs:     CD, Tuner, Aux.
Outputs:     4 and 8 ohms
Input sensitivity:     1Vrms
THD:     0.85% @ 1W/1kHz; 2.3% @ 4W/1kHz
Frequency bandwidth:     10Hz-36kHz
S/N Ratio:     75dB
Input impedance:     100 kohm
Input voltage:     230V (100-120-220-240V available on request)
Power consumption:     150VA
Size:     390x260x160mm
Weight: 12kg