ART Deco 15


Speaker Type 3 way Bass Reflex floor standing loudspeaker
Bass/ Mid Driver

1 x 260mm Bass (treated paper)
1 x 150 mm Dedicated Midrange (treated paper)


Level 1: 27mm Seas Crescendo tweeter
Level 2: 27mm Seas Crescendo tweeter
Level 3: 27mm Seas Crescendo tweeter


Level 1: 2nd/3rd order/ Aircore inductors/ICW Clarity Caps
Level 2: 2nd/3rd  order/ Jensen copper foil Coils and Caps
Level 3: 2nd/3rd  order/ Jensen silver foil Coils and Caps

Internal Wiring

Level 1 Premium  quality OFC copper internal wiring
Level 2 Kondo KSL Spc copper
Level 3 Kondo KSL Spz silver

Binding Posts

Level 1 WBT Platinum terminals
Level 2 WBT Platinum terminals
Level 3 WBT Platinum terminals

Frequency Response

22Hz - 25 kHz ±3dB


91.5dB/for 1 watt @ 1 metre


8 ohm  nominal impedance not below 6.5 ohms

Recommended power

Min 8 watts


Unique  “DECOLAM “ manufacture method with a choice of any Automotive colour with Satin laquers

Overall dimensions

1280mmH x 402mmD x 380mmW

Weight packed

65 kilos / 110 lbs each